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Restoring Balance Documentary Trailer

Restoring Balance: Autism Redefined is a documentary film that captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism by changing the food they eat and the environments they play, learn and live in.

James’ GAPS Diet

James was diagnosed with autism, but today he is not! After thoroughly researching the most effective therapies, Dan and Angela Taylor began James' biomedical and gut healing journey.

Gideon & Evie GAPS/SCD Diet

Gideon and Evie were both given an autism diagnosis that was eventually reversed. Discover their biomedical interventions along with the tips and strategies they've used to assist their family's transitions.

Milo's Body Ecology Diet

As early as 6 weeks old Milo began to show signs of food allergies. These turned into behavioral, sleep and skin issues. Luckily, Milo's mother Jenetta decided to implement a gut healing diet and supplements to reverse Milo's conditions. She used this knowledge to begin her own journey in helping others restore their family's health.

Dr. Clark on Brain Exercises for Autism

Dr. Clark discusses how weaker parts of the brain can affect other parts of the body, and how brain exercises can improve functionality.

Robin's Mom on Determination for Parents

Ann didn't start seriously treating Robin's autism bio-medically until Robin was 27 years old. She started because Robin's behaviors were becoming more inappropriate and severe in adulthood. Robin had screaming fits and self injury. It's never too late. 

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