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Autism rates are increasing around the world, and diagnosis rates have increased to 1 in 44 children.

Over half of the autism rate is still unexplained and we have not attempted to address the root causes.

Meanwhile, 1000’s of families have helped their children improve their quality of life by adopting a biomedical approach.


Doctors and researchers have discovered that children with autism show elevated levels of brain inflammation, toxic chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, mitochondrial and autoimmune conditions.

Families and practitioners connected by hope and ingenuity blaze the trail to show the world autism is treatable.


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Biomedical Doctor


Supporting Microbiome

for Autism

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Organic, Allergen Friendly


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Brain of the Gut

Educational Animation

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Limiting Environmental and Toxin Exposure


Family Testimonials


The documentary had so many other great teaching

moments that ended up on the cutting room floor.

To make sure this wonderful advice didn't go undiscovered

we edited the footage into 30 minute episodes based on

popular biomedical topics. If you're looking for next steps

or more information this is the perfect follow up! Get more

in depth testimonials from the parents and practitioners.



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