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Below are samples of the bonus footage episodes 4 out of 12.
Also included, 2 of the past guest panels.
Enjoy 4 hours of extra footage!

Episodes Trailer

Episode Samples

Guest Panels

Questions and Answers with Dr. Armen Nikogosian, Rebecca Devila, and Angela Taylor.



1. How long will this take, or when is the soonest we can hope for mostly recovered? 4:30


2. What if I've tried biomedical protocols and have only seen a little improvement? Why doesn't anything seem to be happening? 11:15


3. Why should parents not try to get particular supplements for specific gains such as, "supplements for speech" compared to looking for root causes? 24:15


4. If I live by a highway, a farm that sprays pesticides, or might have mold in my house, do I really need to consider environmental factors?  32:27


5. How serious do I have to take the diet, it's stressful with transitioning my family and financially? Not to mention for a  picky eater! 44:20


6. How long should I wait on a protocol before seeing results? How do I know if I need to move on from a practitioner or a protocol? 51:00


7. What testing should I begin with? Are there norms for testing, or basics for a small, medium, large budget? 59:08


8. If I'm considering spending major money on a treatment should I do it at the beginning or later in the road to recovery. 1:10:31

Questions and Answers with Professor James Adams PhD, with 2 families from MTT studies, Dana Woods and Heidi Bonaroti

1. Dana and Heidi share the relevant timeline before the MTT trial with family and what happened after.  7:22


2. Dr. Adams, what are some of the improvements parents reported?  19:52


3. Will there be a yeast measurement in future MTT studies and could it inhibit the MTT?  22:39


4. Dr. Adams describes more about the vitamin and mineral supplement studies that showed improvement. 25:25

5. After the MTT treatment were there any therapies or supplements families found beneficial?  28:50

6. What about including fermented foods or other probiotics after MTT? 40:40

7. Important points about exercise and helping overall health.  42:28

8. Yeast and mouth hygiene, why is it important? 45:57

9. What about cultured and fermented foods to control yeast and other imbalanced "bad" species? 49:10

10. What can a family do if their child has reoccurring yeast issues? 52:46

11. Heidi, news clip of her son who went through the MTT treatment. 1:03:30

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