1 in 36 Children are Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Biomedical, Dietary, and Environmental Interventions are very effective in treating autism spectrum symptoms. Recovery is Possible!

Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery is a documentary film that captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism by changing the food they eat and the environments they play, learn and live in.

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Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery

This film will capture, educate and motivate more than the autism community to restore balance to our future generations. 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions and the rates continue to skyrocket.


Research has shown similarities in behavioral and dietary issues among a wide range of children with these conditions.


Numerous families and practitioners are rediscovering therapies that allow the human body to naturally recover

Restoring Balance captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism. The main focus by changing the food and environment they are providing their children. These families are located throughout the United States. Interviews and animations in the documentary take people into the lives and bodies of children with autism, and the way that food is affecting their family’s ability to achieve harmony.

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Ryan Hetrick and how to take your film to the largest audience.

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Interview Ryan Hetrick - Dr Andy McCabe
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CSHR Interview with Dr Andy McCabe
Ryan is being interviewed about his Film, check it out! Above

Listen as Dr. Andy and his guests explore the world of alternative therapies that may be effective in assisting children on the autism spectrum.

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