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Restoring Balance | The Movie

A journey of autism recovery told through the eyes of doctors, parents and children.  When diet and environment interventions are used, recovery from autism IS possible.

"The "experts" said Ryan would need to be institutionalized. But they were wrong. That autism diagnosis ripped away every dream we had for his future. Ryan is now an engineer at a major aerospace company. His recovery was not miraculous. It was the result of receiving proper medical care.

Children are recovering from autism, and yet, the general public and most doctors are unaware this is possible. When doctors believe autism is a "developmental disorder" and nothing can be done, children are not treated for the same medical conditions as other kids. But an autism diagnosis no longer has to mean "game over."

-Marcia Hinds (parent)

Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery is a documentary film that captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism by changing the food they eat and the environments they play, learn and live in. Through interviews with parents, children and practitioners audiences explore how biomedical and dietary interventions are dramatically changing how children interact and perform in school. Watch as children experience less temper tantrums and gastrointestinal issues and become skilled communicators again. While recovery looks different for each family and each child, some children are actually losing their autism diagnosis through these applied interventions.

Millions of children are currently suffering from autism, ADHD, and other developmental issues as families search for solutions that help their children regain social function. Since 1975, the rate of autism has risen 500 percent. In the United States, 1 in 6 children has developmental delays. Following these trends, by 2025, half of all children born in the US may be diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Michael Ganz, a health professor at Harvard, says it costs $3.2 million to care for a person with autism over their entire life. 35 billion dollars per year are spent on alleviating the affects autism has on financial, social, and familial institutions.

After the release of Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery, families and practitioners will be connected in a supportive network, beginning with our screenings, where they can share inside tips on recovery methods, recipes, personal experiences and stories. This supportive network will have a basis on Restoring Balance's website and social media and will connect new families with local resources of other parents who have been through the process and local doctors that have knowledge of biomedical treatment. The network will then continue to support these relationships so the process continues to grow until everyone has access to the information and local resources for their families.


Some people think we should just accept autism. And that if a child is treated it changes who that kid is. I am still the same person I was, only now I'm happy and can enjoy life. It's hard to understand that children are not receiving proper medical treatment because some people think we should only celebrate autism. When doctors believe the medical issues associated with autism are just part of a "developmental disorder" children are not treated for the same medical conditions as other kids. Is that really OK?"

-Ryan Hinds


Autism is a diagnosis, and a starting point. Join the families, practitioners, and children of Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery in telling the story of their journey to autism recovery. Make a donation to support the postproduction and outreach process of this documentary

Screening and Panel in Chicago at AutismOne 2018

Milo Autism Prevention, Body Ecology Diet

As early as 6 weeks old Milo began to show signs of food allergy. These turned into behavioral, sleep and skin issues.


Luckily, Milo's mother Jenetta decided to implement a gut healing diet and supplements to reverse Milo's conditions. She used this knowledge to begin her own journey in helping others restore their family's health.

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