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A journey of autism recovery told through the eyes of doctors, parents and children.  

When diet and environment interventions are used, recovery from autism IS possible.


Restoring Balance has raised $12,000 from crowd funding, private donations and producer investment for production costs. The preliminary crowdfunding effort was able to springboard and complete the interviews for the documentary.  


A fundraising event at We Olive of Pasadena added $600 to the additional $4,000 that has been raised for post production. Restoring Balance also won the Fall 2017 Roy W. Dean Grant courtesy of From the Heart Productions. This grant provides $25,000 in post production services toward animation, scoring and sound editing. 

Despite raising these funds Restoring Balance is still in need of donations to finish the film. There is still $15,000 in post production costs that include editing, sound mixing and completing animation.


Finally, marketing costs will be $25,000 to launch the film with packaging, advertising and screening fees. So while the grant is a huge milestone, we look toward more awarded grants and continuing the fundraising campaign.

The donated funds will be an investment in your future and your children's future. In the next 10 years when 1 out

of 10-20 children will be diagnosed with autism and the rest of society will be forced to take care of them. There is

no doubt it will affect our friends, neighbors and family. These children are not disabled, they are sick, and peer reviewed studies, parents and doctors have proven that they can get better.

To help doctors and parents best understand these practices and new understanding of autism has only begin to surface then we must act now to turn these numbers around!

Be part of the change we need to happen in the world.

Our animated segments are a significant piece of the puzzle for this documentary because many biological processes will be explained. The audience will relate and understand the information when it's presented with visual support. 

The crowd funding campaign also was paired with presentations where parents and other community members met to learn about biomedical treatments for autism and other behavioral challenges. Some of the families who attended stayed in touch and also saw benefit in their children when they began to make changes to diet and environment.

The funding made it possible to document parents and practitioners from around the nation in Arizona, California, Washington, Texas, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina and abroad from Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Germany.

This network is only the beginning of our outreach program and what will become an online mixed with grass roots community organization. This will spawn from the website and the screenings that will take place all over the world. This outreach network will provide a resource of video information and connections to autism families and practitioners in a state-by-state location database. There will be an online forum network for all of these communities to share ideas and experiences. A place for the new families to go and be given guidance that the previous parents wish they had.

There will be screenings nationwide hosted by families, autism biomedical practitioners meeting to connect with other interested families. Theater spaces would be rented out for select screenings with local audiences. With these funds we would bring several of the practitioners and families in the documentary to the screenings for Q and A sessions.

Donate today toward the groundbreaking changes needed to restore balance for future generations. All donations are tax deductible and information is presented after the donation is posted!

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