Success Stories

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Parent Interviews
Film Parents

Jennifer and Andrew - Austin, Texas

Jennifer and Andrew knew there were issues with Gideon when he began having screaming bouts, issues sleeping, delays in language, and would only repeat what was said to him, never generating words of his own. Shortly after age 2 Gideon was diagnosed with autism. Their second child, Evie, was also diagnosed on the spectrum. Jennifer and Andrew demonstrate how to take notes on child behavior and making food from scratch with their children. As both children were provided new diets, they became more engaged, and now attend regular classes in school. Jennifer has written a book to detail the journey they went through recovering both of their children.

Dan and Angela
Baltimore Parents

Dan and Angela - Baltimore, Maryland

Dan and Angela's son James began a habit of banging his head, wasn't talking and had developmental delays. After the diet change James had from the recommendation of a (DAN) Defeat Autism Now doctor, he began to improve dramatically. IT took some time to figure out the other detoxification methods and supplements he needed, but now James attends a mainstream classroom and has lost his autism diagnosis. James and Angela offer parents tips for starting this journey and describe how to make food from scratch. Angela has authored her own cookbook on variations of the GAPS diet and continues to help other families on the joinery after diagnosis.

Rosanne Parent
Film Subject

Rosanne - Los Angeles, California

Theodore spoke many words and hit his developmental goals before he had a regression at age 2. Theodore lost much of his vocabulary and regressed with social interaction and eye contact. A year later his mother Rosanne found a biomedical doctor and they began a gluten free, dairy free diet. Even though it was expensive to start treatment, Rosanne did all she could, even if it meant putting some of his treatment on credit cards. Soon, Theodore began talking more and gradually and his eye contact improved. Theodore now attends school full time in a mainstream classroom.